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Dry ice blasting revolutionary cleaning process that is non-abrasive, non-toxic and completely dry with no residual blast media cleanup. The liquid carbon dioxide used to make the dry ice pellets is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Since the residue and buildup are removed via an explosive effect that lifts the coating off the surface when the dry ice pellets hit the surface, there is minimal residual material, minimizing clean up.

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Aircraft & Aerospace +Aircraft & Aerospace -

Dry Ice Blasting is well suited to the aircraft and aerospace industries. It is ideal for cleaning burnt carbon deposits, engine exhausts, wheel wells and adhesives from floor panels of aircraft.
It can reach all areas, and does not need a drying time or secondary cleaning or wipe down. Grease, oil and dirt are removed at the same time, without damage to electrical wires, switches and motors.

• landing gear
• brake components
• engine clean-up
• adhesive and sealant clean-up

Contract Cleaning +Contract Cleaning -

A&H DIB offers industrial cleaning service that can be tailored to meet the needs of any contract-cleaning situation. A&H DIB has highly skilled technician to make every project run smoothly.

Electrical +Electrical -

Dry ice blasting is entirely safe for use on all electrical components. A&H DIB does not use liquids, meaning there is no risk of shorting out delicate and expensive electronic equipment.

Dry ice blasting effectively cleans:

• substations
• gas turbine generators
• transformers
• hydro generating equipment (stator & rotors)

Fire Restoration +Fire Restoration -

Dry ice blasting is effective as a cleaning agent on surfaces damaged by fire or smoke. The liquid CO2 cleaning is gentle but effective, therefore limiting any additional damage to the surfaces affected by the fire.

• clean without surface erosion and etching caused by typical abrasive blasting
• greatly reduces musky/eliminates, burnt smell from fire/water damage
• safe for electrical components
• effective on wood or concrete
• no water damage
• avoid using caustics and acids
• reduces labor by 75%

Food and Beverage Processing +Food and Beverage Processing -

Dry ice blasting is a non-toxic alternative to traditional pressure washing options. This makes it ideal for the food industry, where sterilization and sanitation is top priority. Dry ice blasting leaves no harmful residue in your food preparation area.

Dry ice blasting is ideal for cleaning:

• industrial ovens
• air conveyor systems
• wafer oven plates
• adhesives used in packaging
• conveyors
• Mixing Equipment
• Ventilating Equipment

Foundry +Foundry -

Dry ice blasting is ideal for foundries, it can be effectively performed on most surfaces of all temperatures. The ROI for foundries using dry ice blasting is among the highest of all industries with up to 80% reduction in down time over traditional industrial cleaning methods.

Dry ice blasting effectively cleans:

• hot mold core boxes and screens
• poured aluminum molds

General Maintenance +General Maintenance -

Compared to other industrial cleaning Methods, dry ice blasting requires up 80 % less down time for machines. Dry ice blasting greatly reduces or in some cases eliminates the need for disassembly of the equipment being cleaned. Dry ice blasting is dry and produces no secondary waste further reducing down time.

Dry ice blasting has proved to be effective on:

• storage tanks
• de-aerators
• boiler/steam and mud drums
• magnetic particle inspection
• production machinery
• removal of oil and grease from all surfaces
• removes smoke and soot from fire damaged areas
• hydraulic power units

Historical Restoration +Historical Restoration -

Dry Ice Blasting is becoming the preferred method of cleaning for restoring historical back to there original luster and beauty. Dry ice blasting allows the original item to keep its integrity since it is non-toxic and non-abrasive. Dry ice blasting can remove decades of dirt, grime and other buildup, without leaving behind any scratches, nicks or abrasions. Dry ice blasting can also be an effective way of removing lead based paints that may be present. The environmentally process eliminates the need for harmful paint removers and chemical solvents.

Marine +Marine -

Dry ice blasting is an environmentally safe alternative to pressure washing when it comes to marine vessel maintenance, repair and restoration. The dry ice pellets evaporate on contact and does not introduce any harmful chemicals into the waterways.

Dry ice blasting effectively cleans:

• engine rooms
• anti-fouling paint removal
• condensers and heat exchangers
• ship hulls
• sea water intake valves

People Movers +People Movers -

With very little down time needed for drying and cleanup of residual materials, dry ice blasting is ideal for cleaning:

• cleans escalators, elevators, floors
• rails cars, buses, floors
• cleans concrete surfaces
• motor cleaning

Mold Remediation +Mold Remediation -

A&H DIB performs mold remediation faster and more completely than mechanical abrasion. Dry ice blasting does not require toxic chemicals and does not create a toxic dust hazard from remediation operations. Remediation operators have learned that dry ice blasting can accomplish mold removal much more quickly than manual scraping and sanding. Operators are able to access hard-to-reach places and tight corners with the range of available nozzles.

The advantages of using dry ice blasting include:

• dry ice blasting kills 99.9% of organic contaminants
• ability to clean detail work, tight spots, and around nails
• complete removal in tight angles and tresses
• clean around wiring and all plumbing without damage

Pharmaceuticals +Pharmaceuticals -

Dry ice blasting is the preferred method of sterilization and sanitation for the pharmaceutical industry. The dry ice pellets easily clean between the tablet molds, mixers and separators used in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. The dry Ice blasting process is non-toxic and sublimes on contact, leaving no harmful residue on your machinery.

Dry ice blasting effectively cleans:

• Stainless steel containers
• Reactors
• Mixers
• Tablet Molds
• Separators

Plastics +Plastics -

Dry ice blasting is an effective method of cleaning plastic injection molding and die extrusion parts. Plastic residue can accumulate on the insides of the equipment, creating imperfections in your molds, leading to waste. Dry ice blasting is a gentle non-abrasive alternative to traditional industrial cleaning methods, ensuring that there is no wear and tear on your molds and dies.

Use dry ice blasting to clean:

• Molds
• Extruder Screws
• Packaging Equipment
• Mold Machines
• hoppers
• Mixers
• curing ovens

Printing/Plating +Printing/Plating -

Dry ice blasting can eliminate dependency of solvent-based cleaners. The Printing and plating industries greatly benefit from the usage of dry ice blasting to clean oils, ink build-up and other contaminates off printing equipment. The elimination of drying time with dry ice blasting, means that your equipment is up and running expeditiously.

Dry ice blasting cleans:

• gears, decks, guides
• Web Presses
• Heat & Cold Set Inks
• Grippers
• analox rolls
• control circuits and cabinets

Wood +Wood -

Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive cleaning method that removes dirt and grime from wood. Using dry ice blasting also removes the risk of water damage caused by other methods of cleaning.
environmentally safe

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