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Top 10 Reasons Why DIB is Superior


Superior clean: fewer cleaning cycles = less downtime


Machines can be cleaned in place: dry ice blasting is a dry process and requires no disassemble / reassemble which means much less downtime


Quicker clean: less resource = more runtime = more profits


Non-abrasive, nonflammable and nonconductive: dry ice blasting won't damage most substrates and can be used safely on electrical components


No secondary waste clean up: this not only saves additional cleanup labor and expense, but also means temporary containment areas can possibly be reused - an additional cost savings


Can get into tight spaces that many other methods can not


Environmentally friendly: meets USDA, FDA and EPA guidelines


Operator safety: no exposure to chemicals or grit media


Operator efficiency: not as labor intensive as traditional cleaning methods


Clean enough for the food industry, strong enough for everything else
environmentally safe

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