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Mold Remediation

  • A&H DIB performs mold remediation faster and more completely than mechanical abrasion. Dry ice blasting does not require toxic chemicals and does not create a toxic dust hazard from remediation operations.

    Remediation operators have learned that dry ice blasting can accomplish mold removal much more quickly than manual scraping and sanding. Operators are able to access hard-to-reach places and tight corners with the range of available nozzles. Long hoses from blasting units can easily reach into attics and crawl spaces, even when the blasting machine is on a different floor.

    Dry ice blasting is safer for remediation operators and the environment because it does not require toxic chemicals and does not create a toxic dust hazard. Dry ice blasting removes and kills mold in one pass and creates no secondary waste, reducing labor costs. Dry ice is a non-conductor of electricity, so live electrical equipment and wiring does not have to be removed or de-energized during the remediation process. HVAC equipment and ductwork can be cleaned without extensive dismantling.

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